A Blessing To The Nations is a visionary Christian ministry with a passion to lead the lost to Jesus Christ and then to equip those saints to build the kingdom of God.  Our desire is to train evangelists for door to door ministry, and to teach them to effectively witness the love of Christ in their homes, schools and market place.  We are a church- planting ministry desiring to be to A Blessing to All of the Nations! 

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A Note From Pastor Gary…

Happy Spring!
We just got back from Guatemala. We had a great campaign. Springtime means we are busy with SHARE-at-the-FAIR! An outreach where we share Christ at local fairs in Georgia. We were truly blessed to be back at the Cherry Blossom Festival in March. Look for us at your local fair!
Fairs we will be at soon are...
Vidalia Onion Festival, April 24-27
Snellville Days, May 3-4
Sweet Suburn Springfest, May 9-11
Atlanta Caribbean Carnical, May 24
Also we are retunig to Guatemala in June! Continue to keep B2N in our prayers!

God Bless,
Pastor Gary